I’ve been trying for ages to photograph the House Martins that nest under the eaves of our house. These shots were taken hanging out of our bedroom window with a window latch digging into my ribs.

I created this composite image with shots generated using the Pro Capture mode on the Olympus E-M1 MKII. This clever feature buffers 14 shots while the shutter is half depressed, then when the shutter is fully depressed it holds onto the shots in the buffer and keeps going until you release the shutter.

A nice bonus from this shoot was that I sent schwegler, the company that make the woodcrete nest box you can see in the composite shot a copy of this shot. They were impressed enough to ask if they could use the image and in return they’ve sent me a new double nest box to go alongside the one we already have. It’s quite nice to think that the Martins have been rewarded for posing.